March 5, 2010

Mini Scrapbook Haul

Its FRIDAY!! I am so excited its Friday and the weekend is here AND its suppose to be around 50 degrees this weekend. I know for alot of you thats still cold but I am needing this so bad (see previous post lol)

Aiden is taking his nap right now..and I hope its a long one..poor thing woke up SO early today and hasnt been happy about it (neither have I shhh!!)

I am so exctited for mom is coming here and we are going to a rubberstamp convention. How lucky am I? Last weekend it was the CKC event and this weekend the Heirloom show! I have never been but Im sure I will be able to find something ;)

You can never have too many stamps.

I got an email from michaels today about them carrying some scrapbooking shirts and when Aiden wakes up..we are going. Of course my michaels has to be the slowest store to ever get new shipments in but were trying..we need out of the house! It would be pretty cool if they allowed 50% off coupons.......

Well I am off to go create some cards or catch up on my is a mini haul video on some recent goodies I got.

p.s. Love my videos?? Stay tuned for a special one I did for Inktegrity!!

1 comment:

~*Joni said...

Have tons of fun Ashley! Sounds like an awesome 2 weeks of convention shopping. ;) I can't wait to hear about your venture with your mom, hope your son had a nice nap and that you had plenty of time to yourself!!


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