March 27, 2010

Im back!

Miss me?!

For like two days straight any blogs or blogger were not working. I couldnt check anyones blog OR update mine. This is how I know I am addicted HAHA

Just got home a few hours ago from shopping in a nearby state with my mom and my sister for my anual bday shopping trip!! We first went to a big stamp store...I spent too much $$$ but hey...stamps last forever...right?! ;)

Then we went to Ikea....I could have walked out with more stuff than my sisters car would hold (and trust me..I was sad because her car infact doesnt hold very much at all besides 4 people LOL). I sat all the way home with 2 huge chalkboard/dry erase easels for the boys. They were only $14.99!! Cant beat that!!

Oh well..its an excuse to go back...with my suv instead :)

Then we went off to the mall and I got alot of goodies..want to hear all about them?

  • new lipstick
  • Coach flipflops
  • Juicy Couture bubblegum machine (yes..for my scrapbook room)
  • Forever 21 jewerly
  • egg perfect tool from Williams and Sonomoa
  • TONS of stuff from Ikea

Im proud of myself..I had a budget and stuck with it!! I even have a dollar left over LOL and I could eat lunch and dinner out

I had SO SO SO much fun. I really needed this...alot of my girl friends currently never really have time or the money to shop like this (I had bday money!!) Thanks to my mom and my grandma and a really sweet husband of mine. Cant wait to show you all my new stamps.

I have had 2 people ask me what cake was made (people who took the Wilton classes with me asked this on facebook) for my bday. I was not in the mood to make my own cake and lately I have been craving sugar cookies...I cant get enough so Brent got me 12 Blondies sugar cookies for my "cake". LOL...yes I shared with him...and Aiden

Here is quick card that I made using a new Michaels $1 stamp. I paper pieced the tree tops and used some of those clear flower pot things, which to me look like dew drops! The tree tops are popdotted as well.

Sorry this post wasnt about scrapbooking or cardmaking really but I had so much fun today and I couldnt keep it bottled up.

Time for bed now...I am so tired!!


Rhonda Miller said...

Happy Birthday, it sounds like you had a blast. YAY!!

~*Joni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!! I know your issues with blogger, it has been quite temperamental lately. ;) What a wonderful day you had - I love all the shopping and IKEA is always fabulous to visit. Then of course you come home and realize your house isn't anything like the IKEA showrooms. lol! Wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful person - enjoy your 25th year, it only gets better after this!


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