March 13, 2010

Aiden-18 Months


I cannot believe you are already 18 months. Where did this time go?! You make me laugh everyday as you are learning so much! I am very blessed to be able to stay at home with you while daddy works alot of hours to provide for us. Your time with him is precious and I love watching you guys roll and play on the floor together. There have been times when I have snuck away to my craft room after a long day...and I just hear the two of you makes me leave me room in a heartbeat...your laugh is so addictive and sweet.

You love being outside more than Indiana winter wasnt very nice to you. Now that its getting to be Spring we are able to go to our favorite church playground. You want to swing for hours, even when you start to drift asleep. However, putting you in the car is not the nice part. You go back to arching your back and using all your strength so mommy can't put you back in.

Some of your favorite things or things you do now:

  • still is size 3 diapers

  • FINALLY 18 month things are getting tighter to too short. For spring and Summer we have bought you 2T and even 3T on some items

  • Love the backyardigans and Yo Gabba Gabba

  • Say Dog in the cutest way (dawwwwwwg)

  • Love being outside and swinging and running or picking up dirt and grass

  • Some days you do not eat very much..but you love your pretzels and gerber snacks

  • You drink so much milk and juice..its amazing and your diapers show it ;)

  • You are determined to let Chloe catch you and pet her..she doesnt seem to agree

  • Have hit the bad phase of hitting, smacking, and pulling hair

  • Also the throw yourself on the floor phase when we dont let you have your way

  • climbs anything and have taken some falls which scares mommy to death

  • You still bring me your books and we probably read thousands a day...I love it!

  • Still taking a naptime bottle (3oz or less though!) and a bedtime bottle..wish we could get rid of this soon!

  • Still in crib and you are doing great with naps (except when you are at one of your never sleep there)

  • Have been sleeping through the nights for a while now (10ish to at least 8ish on good days)

I love you Aiden!!! Its amazing to watch you grow each day.

Love, mommy

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