February 21, 2010

Tuesday Morning

I am always looking on 2peas and splitcoast and now of course watching fellow you tubers and all of their videos and alot of people are always talking about Tuesday Morning.

I had never been there until last weekend. Wouldnt you know, I have one like 15 min from my house. I found quite a few goodies there that I had seen people talking about and these pop dot things my Aunt had found. So here is my first scrapbooking haul video...kinda short and not too much stuff but I was excited and I think Brent gets really annoyed with me when I try to tell him about my good finds because to him, if it costs money...its not a good deal haha. I am kidding!

I also have never been fond of GoodWills...maybe because in my hometown it was really small and not a happening place. When I moved here, we have so many and I have recently found alot of great things! I found cats meows.......I hope other people know what these are lol. I will do a whole post soon on these little treasures I found..I just need to clean some of them up and I got a GREAT deal!!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday........Cant wait to see you my Easter cards I am working on!!

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