February 5, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Its Friday (yay) and I am stuck inside because we are under a winter advisory and they keep upping the inches of snow.

I LOVE sitting here watching the snow fall...well I take that back I enjoy it ONLY when I do not have to be somewhere or go out in it. I will feel much better though when Brent gets home safely from work (he drives like 40 min from work to home) and it scares me, not him but the other people on the road that think they are invincible.

I am officially done making Valentines Day cards for my Etsy shop....although I could make those type of cards over and over. The only reason why I am finished is because I have to leave room for shipping time to get there intime for Valentines day. So now I will be working on Easter cards and some overall general like birthday and thanks. I also want to take time for me and catch up on ALL of my scrapbooking. Its pathetic how far behind I am and I always promised myself I would never fall behind.

I am going to get off here and go play in my scrapbook room and finish the laundry while Aiden naps and watch it snow :)

Before I go...here are some of the latest cards I added to my shop!

Like, I said I love working with Valentines Day stamps, and the colors, and the embellishments!!
Have a good weekend...it will be a busy one for us (GO COLTS!!)

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