February 3, 2010

Digital Images

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the all crazy postings lately. I also use this blog for my Etsy customers. Customer satisfaction is number 1 in my book so I want to show them examples if I am doing custom work and also take pictures of complete albums so they can see exactly what they are getting and not just seeing 5 pics on Etsy.

Sales have been good so far. I have really sold alot more than usual these past few months. Its my dream to make Scrappin Ashley into a name....a name that people know and trust for quality handmade treasures. I love creating, its so therapeutic for me and really helps me feel that I have some sort of income. Brent is usually really sweet though and lets me spend it on my craft stuff lol. Thats the bad thing about Etsy...it gets me in trouble. When you take time and create something you respect everyone else who does the same and appreciate it more :) I always have a list of items I'd like.

On to digis...these are the latest trends in the stamping hobby area. I have done a video about how to find them, download, open them, and print them. I will be doing a part II blog post about coloring them and tips. Like I mention in the video I was really concerned with the ink smearing and ruining copics tips. Ink and paper are SO important when using the markers. I was pleasantly surprised. I did heat set the image and let it dry over night (not on purpose..just didnt have time to work with it)

So theres not too much to post as I am just now really starting to work with them...but I will do another blog on them and list links and everything!!

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