February 24, 2010

Going to my moms

I am a few days late doing the Mojo Monday Card Sketch

Well...not really late but I usually get the chance to make my version on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, but this time I made is late Wednesday night. Oh well..at least I was able to finish it and participate this week!


My card:

I obviously chose to do the square/rectangle shape...although I think round would have been fun to do but I honestly do not have round or square envelopes to mail the cards in or to include it when I put these cards on Etsy

Today has been a super busy day. Aiden and I drive the hour and 1/2 to see my mom. We always have so much fun. Stopped by Kohls and got Aiden some ADORABLE spring/summer outfits. We also went to Target to get bridal shower gifts, ate some yummy lunch with my sister, and did alittle more shopping.

The only thing I dislike about doing this is Aiden NEVER takes naps...so around 7ish he shuts down and has a complete meltdown. Its so heartbreaking but honestly I would say within 2 minutes in the car and hes out. Poor thing!

I gotta get off here and go watch our survivor we taped!

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