January 15, 2010

Video 14

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Can you believe its Friday already?!

Aiden is taking his nap...a little later than usual but he needed one BADLY. He is getting in more molars and to be honest, I needed him to nap for my sanity lol. We did make it to Target earlier and had to drive to TWO targets to pick up one of those organization things in my last post...I saved 20.99 just for waiting till it was on sale.

It does need to be put together..so I will take before and after pictures tonight :)

I have been getting quite a few emails and facebook messages on how pretty my scrapbook room is...THANKYOU for the sweet comments and emails...Its amazing I ever leave my new room lol.

So my next video goes to talk about how I store my paper alittle better since alot of you wanted to see my paper racks up close.

Off to enjoy some quiet time...have a good weekend!!! Hope we win big at the Casino were going to on Sunday!!

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