October 7, 2009

New Book

I am very excited for this girls book to come out.... her name is Elizabeth Kartchner and I love reading her blog and her articles in the scrapbooking magazine Creating Keepsakes.......BUT even the preorder is sold out already!!!! Maybe it will go on my Christmas List (my hubby reads my blog...so hint ;) Im kidding...he does a great job on my gifts....
I am also sad because one of my all time favorite scrapbook stores in closing in the South Bend area....Pages in time........Im hoping to be able to head up there....but it will be very bittersweet...
Enough on that sad subject...I will have to post a video of Aiden walking...he is getting good and I swear he can reach my scrapbook desk now (AHHHH!) Im not sure if I want to move my scrapbook room into the spare bedroom so there is a door and lock haha....if any of you have small children how do you keep them out of your paper racks and everything. Currently its in the open loft area upstairs which is so open and nice! Okay well I need to get off here and get some things done...I have the Taylor Swift concert tomorrow!!!

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