August 5, 2009

train invites, sickness, and max


Yes my blog title will make sense...I promise you will understand each one if you read this whole entry :)

Lets start off with train invites. As we all know...Aiden is turning 1...if you go back and read my blogs from last year at this time...Brent and I were anxiously waiting to see this baby that apparently had TONS of hair. Well that baby did have tons of hair and now hes almost no longer a baby anymore. Its a bittersweet moment. I cannot wait for him to get older so we can do things (ie, zoo, library, walks, parks, swimming, trips...things he will somewhat remember) anways my grandpa built Aiden and my nephew Carson train tables for Thomas trains....they look great so of course Aidens first birthday is train works because that is what his room is too!!

These are his invitations...of course there will be info on them when its closer but for now I like them. I wanted something simple yet handmade and special. What really sets this card off is the liquid applique...looks like puff of smoke!!!

Sickness- yuck today I woke up not feeling so hott and apparently Aiden either gave it to me, or I gave it to him. So I dont worry about it...lets say he gave it to me haha. We have been hot, tired, cranky, and not just feeling right.....I am feeling better and lets put it this way..its not even midnight and Aiden has been asleep for awhile...sleep it off...sleep if off!!

Max- I have been on a scrapbooking craze lately and I have probably done 20 pages or so in the last is one...very simple (I dont have lots of time anymore) and its of Aiden and he doesnt need many wording or embellishments...he makes the page (awww, ok maybe I am a tad bit biased here)

His grandma Nancy gave him the cutest duck from Kohls (their kohls cares for kids line) and this duck is called Max...and he has friends and books about him, but Aiden doesnt care about that...he just likes how he tastes :)
Journaling reads: Aiden meets Max, Max meets Aidens mouth
I love that little boy!!!! More later..tomorrow probaly because my cake class was canceled BOO!!!

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