April 4, 2009

Work Work Work

Hello everyone!!

I swear it feels like I hardly have time to do anything anymore!!! I guess its true...time does fly by when your older and have children...its kinda sad!! Its finally the weekend...and its brents weekend off which makes it even better!!!

No big plans yet....I have to study for my online class and also finish a few projects for work that my manager let me finish at home.....oh and laundry ;)

Here is a quick spinner card I made for a lady in my family for her birthday. I posted this same one on my Etsy account and it sold within 20 minutes!!.. In fact, I have been having GREAT luck with etsy again. In the past TWO days I have sold 11 cards!!!! YAY!!! Its weird how there is a dry spell and then boom business and then it will go back to dry spell. Oh well I have fun making them!!
Aiden is growing up so fast. He now weighs 16.6 pounds, is 28" long, and now wears size 3 diapers...no longer the white cute newborn style ones :(
He is also getting to start some finger foods AND he finally has a little bottom tooth coming in..I can see it poking through. Well if I dont post anymore this weekend then I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!!

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