March 26, 2009



Sorry I havent blogged in a few days have been busy and fun filled!! For a few days here we have had excellant weather..low 70's perfect to go to the park with Aiden and play on the baby swings. Also I have been making lots of cards since April is such a busy month for my family. Lacey, my cousin is getting married in May. So here is a small peak at her wedding card that I made. Her colors are brown, blue, and ivory..but to make it easier on me I did white paper. So much fun to make!!!
Did I also mention that yesterday was my 24th birthday?? I had a blast!!!! My mom watched Aiden for Brent and I so we could go to a casino..where we came out even (yay!). Also we then came back to our house and Brents mom watched Aiden so we could go to dinner and then we went to another casino that just opened here and we wanted to check it out...they had this big wheel that you spun to win things and Brent won free 5 dollars to play we stayed for an hour or so and still came out even. I then came home and opened my bday presents. Brent and Aiden got me lots of goodies but my favorite was a Tiffany & Co charm necklace..I love it!!!!

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