March 17, 2009

Who needs sleep?

Sorry for the lack of posting...Its almost noon and I just got up......How nice right?! Wrong...Mr. Aiden has decided he no longer likes to all...except in your arms at weird hours. This has been going on for over a week now and let me tell can no longer recognize Brent or I with the deep circles under our eyes. Last night was by far the worst...around 2am (keep in mind he didn't fall asleep till over 1am) he cries and cries and wasn't fact he kept making the cutest happy noises.......FINALLY around 6am he decided hes tired again and I get him to fall asleep right next to what a LONG night....any advice?!

I actually was able to make quite a few cards thanks to my mom (who by the officially made my "what I'm grateful book") and I am pretty much caught up!!! April is a busy month for us! The card above is for my friends graduation from college.....we don't really like our school colors so I decided to make it black and silver...very classic! I will come back later and post more details on the card if you want. Glitter paper is from DCWV Glitter stack, used bazzill bling for silver, giga and mega punches, glitter, ribbon, and grad plastic pieces!

Thanks for to get caffeine

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