January 2, 2009

New Years

I hope everyones New Years was a great one...mine was great and had lots of fun!

On New Years Eve..my hubby had to work till 6 or so, so I was kinda bummed because we usually go out to dinner with my family and uncle and play games and what not. However, my parents have moved a little farther than they use to live so I was bummed because I couldnt meet them for dinner...but my mom was so sweet and drove to get me and Aiden (Brent drove and met us later) so that I could get out of the house and get some great dinner and have fun playing games.

On New Years day we went to my grandparents for our family tradition of eating cabbage and beans for good luck and lots of $$$ for the year. My grandparents are leaving for FL till March so I wanted to see them before they left.

Now Brents back to work...both jobs which means a LONG day for me and Aiden all by ourselves. We might get out soon and go somewhere just to get out lol. I am just here thinking about what I want me resolutions to be this year and here is what I have come up with:
  • Lose baby weight and a few more pounds. I weigh less than I did when I was pregnant with Aiden...but things still look and feel different..especially since I had a c section.
  • Take more time for myself. I need to take a break and do things I love to do...since I stay at home with Aiden all my time and energy goes to him (which i LOVE but..sometimes I need me time) This can be done by taking more pictures, scrapbooking and making cards.
  • Be a better friend and keep in touch with all of my friends
  • Find a new church thats closer than my childhood one and go to it reg.
  • Save more and spend less....keep adding to Aidens savings account instead of getting something for me. Save for a new house
  • Continue to not use to credit card anymore...ITS AN EVIL THING haha We have not used our credit cards for awhile now and it feels great.

So those are my resolutions and there is nothing that is impossible. What are some of yours???

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