December 11, 2007

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Hey There Everyone,

Well I am sure I am like a few of you. Once I got married I have gained some weight. Now with the holidays approaching FAST and new resolutions to make, I am wanting to lose some of that extra weight and for awhile now I have been looking at lap-band surgery. I feel that this procedure is alot safer than gastric and is more bank account friendly lol. Another reason why I want the lapband is the doctors use laparoscopic techniques which means SMALL incision and not having a huge scar or a long healing time. I also like this alot better because I can still get pregnant and eat correctly (they do not fill the band so you are able to eat more food for the growing baby) and recovery time is short. I just want to get healthy again and I feel like eating correct and working out is not working 100% for me. The website is really helpful in finding out if the surgery is right for you. The only thing I dont know if I would be approved for it becaus I have not been overweight for 5 years. At least its an option out there for some of us. Time for lunch. I will post back here later tonight!!!!

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Patients Guide to Lap-Band Surgery said...

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