April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Since I do not have any kids yet and my first nephew is being born sometime this week and next..and I love doing fun/cute things like Easter egg hunts....I made my dh participate in one to find his "goodies". He was such a good sport and I loved doing it...of course he got the usual candy like choc. bunny and cadbury eggs but his main gift was that 4 disc best Pacer games ever...(we live in IN)...and we only had a 20 dollar limit...which we both blew lol..............

He got me some yummy candy and also a cute shirt and Bellas...but they havent arrived safely to our house just yet...any day now BUT he wont tell me which ones he got me GRRR...I have the best husband ever!! Here is my easter card I gave him...used Paper Salon tin stamps for all the stamps!!!!! Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Thanh said...

He got you Bellas!! <3333 Sounds like my dbf, arent they so awesome?


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