March 15, 2007

SO many Birthdays coming up!!

(It says Wishing you joy)---the ribbon is blocking the w....I am in love with my giga scalloped circle punch...I was so excited when my moms and I came in!!!!
I have SO many birthdays to make cards for coming up!! This will be a REALLY short post because I am really tired AND I have to work early again and teach another class. All I did today was work and then make these birthday cards. My own birthdays is coming up sooo fast. March 25th!!! All I want is a dairy queen ice cream cake...mmm yummy!!!!
Goodnight...more tomorrow I promise and more exciting!!


robertswayze said...

Hey this looks great..thanks for posting this...and well if you are looking for some ideas and resources for birthday cards you can visit my blog on Birthday Cards sometime and check out all that it's filled up with!!!

Allison said...

This is super cute...great job!


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