August 12, 2014

Aiden's in Kindergarten and a scrapbook haul

Hey Everyone!

Aiden has been in Kindergarten for almost a full week...and well we both have survived. He has been wonderful with waking up early, getting on the bus, and being brave. We have had n major issues *knocking on wood* I was doing so well until the afternoon when I took time to realize how SLOW the day was going...then I lost it. But I did overall better than I thought I would LOL.

He is still grumpy when he gets home...just from waking up earlier than he ever has and being stimulated constantly there. He says the best part is the 2 recess times. Not sure why they get 2 somedays?! lol

Here is a scrapbook haul I saved for his 1st day of Kindergarten to "help me" LOL. Have a great week!

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