May 30, 2014

My Valentine Scrapbook Process Video

This might be the last video for at least this weekend, I am sick right now and I  have no voice, which means no recording my videos LOL.  I hate being sick....especially when you have a kiddo at home who doesnt understand and wants attention 24/7  
Tomorrow is Aidens pre k graduation..I cannot believe he will be in Kindergarten in just a few short months!  That is crazy...where did these 5 years go.  We made a summer bucket list and have already marked library trip and bowling off it.  The library thing will  be all summer though since we have signed up for some classes for Aiden and the summer reading program starts June 2nd.
He is also signed up for swim lessons in the middle of June.  Our summer will fly by.
Here is a scrapbook process video.  Its a Valentine's day layout but at least its from this year!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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