April 26, 2013

It's Friday!

Happy Friday!
So happy it's the weekend, this week has gone by so slowly it seems.  I am getting to the point where I am anxious to get moving, but also scared to move.
What?! Scared to move to our new home?!  Yes...we have been at this rental for 2 years and trust me...It wasn't suppose to be this long but it is what is is and at that time we had NO clue if we were buying land and building or finding an existing home.
I am so blessed to have this large rental and for such a good deal to help us save and be able to build, but Aiden has started preschool here, takes swim lessons with his teachers aide, I know all the back roads and really getting "use" to living  here.  I look out my master window and I can see Meijer's building.  This is a blessing and a curse, great for those times we run out of milk and its snowing blizzard like conditions out but also constant traffic and so so much noise.
Our new home is on 5 acres and sure I have some neighbors but its nothing like here.  I know in the end I will be so happy to have our new home.  Brent and I both want the same things and living on a larger lot in the country setting with a home we love is that.  I was so scared to live in this rental and really disliked the area, disliked Aidens school and etc....so I know these feelings are normal.
When we visit the house...it feels like home.  I can see us living there and being outside there.  Having parties with our families and game nights.  I do not want to leave once we are there, it really is the best feeling.  Change can be scary but also good. This is one change I am so excited for. A home that is ours and we designed for us..
I cannot wait to have a home that Aiden will remember growing up in.  He doesnt remember the home he came from the hospital to and how it was train themed and green or that we took him long walks around the neighborhood and took him to the nearby church  playground...
Last night we met with Brents parents at the home as they wanted to see all the changes.  That is another thing...we are closer to them and its a blessing.  Aiden loves them (as do we) so it was important to stay in the area for us. We are also closer to my family, its definitely a win win for us.
Here are some photos I took last night.  Didn't take too many, I was busy watching Aiden play with grandma ;)
All the counters are installed now. Just missing the island in the center and crown molding on cabinets

End piece of the cabinets.

So many cabinets and counter space.  I love it!

Master bath vanity
Stairs were built in the garage to get in the house. 

Outside view again

After seeing all those photos I am nothing but excited to move and itching to get packing.  Brent probably thinks I am crazy but I am so ready to start packing up little things and cannot wait to move all 2382392 bazillion boxes.....ask me again during the middle of moving though LOL.
Have a great weekend!

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