March 24, 2013

House Update (Shingles and Garage)

Hello!  Happy Sunday!
I expected to wake up to snow on the ground.....we don't have any yet, but they are still calling for 6-9 inches of snow before Tuesday.  Yuck.  Isn't it suppose to be Spring now?!
Here is a look into our  week/weekend:
Aiden picked his NCAA picks on Thursday evening
To celebrate the end of school for Spring Break we made cupcakes
Saturday we took Aiden to do another Lowe's Build and Grow project.
(Here are photos from our LAST build and grow)

Here are the ones from yesterday
This project was definitely the hardest we have done.

After Lowe's, we went to our house and were surprised to see shingles!
They also installed our garage doors
Brent was excited they installed our meter base and electrical panels

They also finished our electrical outside (can lights and ceiling fan prewire for the porch)

Brent's parents also came out and stayed all day with us and treated us to dinner (Thank you!)
They also delivered items to do the brick on our house!
Tomorrow not big plans excpet it's my birthday!
  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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