March 2, 2013

And the roofing begins...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful far ours is going great!  On Thursday, I drove by the land after I dropped Aiden off at preschool and I was so surprised that they were starting the roof!
Well, sadly I didn't bring my camera that day, it slipped my mind so we went back today and wow, they have made some progress.  We couldn't go in the house because at 6pm they were STILL working...on a Saturday.  That is wonderful and they put Tyvek around the house so we couldn't get in unless we slit it.
Here are some photos:
(It's really starting to look like a house here!)
-Click photos to make them larger-
What we could see driving to the house today.  Snow and getting foggy.
Garage area

Front of the house

Still working on the master bedroom area

The main reason he loves going to see the house

Back of the house

Side of the house, covered up the garages already with Tyvek

We are so excited about this progress.  I know I keep saying this but each time we go it gets more exciting!  Now we need to figure out our well situation.  There is an older one of the property so we want to drill a new one and we need to decide about the septic area (still trying to get away from Mound)
Have a great weekend!

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