February 23, 2013

House Update: Walls!

Finally a house update :)
We woke up pretty early to go to a nearby city to do the Lowe's Build and Grow for Aiden.  I will post those photos later...they are so cute!
So after the project we drove by the land and to our surprise there was a smaller crew working today!  That's exciting, its Saturday so I didn't expect them to be working and boy they made a lot of progress since I was last there.
Here is one of the last photos I had shared:
(click on photos to make larger)
And today around noon
Driving up to the land we can see walls now! 
Starting to look like a house now from the road!

The square window is the master bath window (my stained glass/decorative window) and the 2 rectangle windows are in the mater bedroom

They were working on the garage framing when we pulled up

Front of the house:
It's so fun to see the shape coming.  On the right is the 3 car garage, then we have the double window area in the dining room, front door area, double window in my scrapbook room, and the last room with the boards over the window area is a bedroom. 

From this area we can see Aidens bedroom (far right), his closet, the kids bath, and part of the spare bedroom.

Back of the house.  The far left is the other 2 master bedroom windows, kitchen area, back covered porch and living room area for 3 windows.

Better view of the living room and the spare bedroom

So exciting!  I know its different when its not your house and its hard to tell whats what but I can look at this and picture us living here and cant wait to see the roof coming!
We were hoping to climb in the house and take pics and look around but didn't want to bother the guys working.  We tend to make a scene with Aiden and wanting to do everything himself, and it was a HUGE MUD HOLE there today.  Oh well, I would rather them be working then to take a few photos of the inside right now
What a great weekend!!!

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