February 19, 2013

Exciting Times!

This will be a quick update as the Bachelor is calling my name to watch before bed lol.
Brent said I needed to see the progress on the house so we drove to the land and to our surprise some of the crew was still working (at 5pm)  yay!  Of course it started raining minutes we left so they didn't stay much longer.
But look at the progress today!

This guy is standing in our basement stairs

This is so exciting!  They are hoping to have some walls up by the end of this week.  Praying the weather holds.  Of course just as everything was getting dry again its raining now of course.
So windy it knocked over the porta potty.  Not good news ;)

They also agreed to fix all the ruts they made when trying to drive across our lot and didn't make it. Of course this will be at the end.
It seems so real now!

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