November 22, 2011

Making Progress


Time is slipping away, like usual for me :)

Just trying to enjoy all my free time with Brent and Aiden and prepping our land for building next spring/summer.

We donated the old house on the 5 acres we purchased to the local firefighters to train in and burn down in the end.

 Left with a big mess LOL.  At least this is no where close to where we are wanting to build our home.  Time to clean up a little, but trying to get it done before Winter might be a challenge.  Its always so windy at the land because its just alot of big open space, not like what were use to here in Indianapolis LOL.
Also decorated some Christmas sugar cookies....they may or may not be almost gone either ;)

Aiden really does like them :)
(and mommy and daddy!)

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