November 3, 2010

Aiden and candy

Hey Everyone,
I have been busy working on some more custom Etsy orders. I was asked to do gender neutral baby announcements and here is what I came up with. I was so happy when they loved them so much they ordered more than what they asked for so they would have some for future kids ;)
I did a version like this for Aidens baby announcements but used brown and blue.

I am hoping to get done with Christmas shopping here pretty soon. Christmas is in 50 some days...hard to believe. I really cannot believe its already November. Thats crazy! Where is time going?! I am proud to say that I am officially finished shopping for my sister, got started on my mom, and I know what I am getting Aiden. I am trying to slowly filter in gifts since Brent and I have really stepped up our saving habit for to hopefully be able to purchase some land here in the future!

Before I go I just wanted to share an adorable video of Aiden and getting some candy from his grandma. And NO he will not eat all of it ;) In fact she will more than likely get more than 1/2 of it back lol

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