October 2, 2010


Hey Everyone!

Its Saturday!! We have a busy weekend for us. We have to look at a house again today and tomorrow and Monday we have people wanting to see our house...hopefully one will put in a offer


I just wanted to share with you another custom order I did for a birthday party where the colors were hot pink, black, white and cupcake theme.

I love the way these turned out!!

It is actually raining here in Indiana today...crazy. We havent seen rain in for so long! Aiden is at his grandmas today so of course it rains (going outside is his FAVORITE thing to do)

My mom bought Aiden a winter coat, warm socks, new shoes and some adorable LONG sleeve shirts the other day....so sad. I miss the warmer weather already lol. Oh well at least hes ready for the colder weather.

I hope to get some craft time in..I need to finish another lollipop order (can be seen in my store)

sorry to cut this short but I have to get ready to see the house :)

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