August 8, 2010

So Sweet

Hey Everyone
I havent had much time this weekend to really blog and be on the internet. We have been looking at alot of houses and honestly..its getting pretty annoying.
Every house we have really liked and wanted to put offers on....there already offers in and we can put in backup ones...kinda frustrating!
This happened about 2 years ago..we were crushed and havent really looked since..and now its happening again LOL.
We just need to find some nice land and build......maybe oneday
I was able to play around with some newer stamps I bought not too long ago and I have never used these adorable I played with this one!

The skunks have fun flock on the white areas! I colored them with copics and to get the skunks black color..I just used the C's (mainly C7 and C5)..I really like the way the "blacks" turned out without having to use the actul dark black.

I hope to get more crafting in this weekend! My mom and I have a big stamp show next Saturday and we are so excited!!!!!!!!

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