July 23, 2010

Aiden-22 Months


Wow...you are now 22 months old. I swear I didn't believe anyone when they told me to cherish my time with you because it would go by so fast...its amazing on how right they were. I feel it more right now because I am starting to work on your SECOND birthday invitations..wow

I feel like I keep saying this but each month gets more fun with you. You are able to understand what I am saying and you can do more!

  • Still wearing size 4 diapers

  • We have introduced the potty to you

  • Still love your Backyardigans, but you really dont watch that much tv

  • Love playing with the toy story play set your grandma and grandpa B got for you

  • STILL love going outside...I swear you would sleep outside if you could

  • Says "No" and "Oh NO" all the time..the oh no part is the cutest thing, you say it like the WORST thing possible has happened.

  • We still read about a thousand books a day, you are even doing a summer program at a local bookstore!

  • Had your first expeierce with snap pops..and you love them! But you have to place them on the ground and then step on them versus throwing them.

  • Loved the fireworks and did not cry or get scared at all!

  • Not really taking yet, but you understand everything we say to you. Are you going to be stubborn like mommy and daddy?

  • Still wearing 24months/2T

  • You realized you love mac n cheese

We are so blessed to have you in our lives Aiden. I love you...

Love, Mommy

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