June 3, 2010

Stampin on Candles

Happy Thursday Everyone,

We had some major storms go through our area late night/morning and of course..Aiden woke up. Not fun at all because he gets mega grumpy (I think I do too LOL)

Hopefully its an early nap today..he needs his sleep.

I created a new video for another craft show project...stampin on candles

I know this was VERY popular a few years ago..and I cant believe I never made a video on them..so here it is..

(I think its time for a new embossing gun..on my last candle (around 1am) the smoke detector goes off..) It wasnt good and did you know that Brent didnt rush in to rescue me from the HUGE fire there could have been. He just yelled through the door minutes later..u ok? Haha..guess he knows me by now. I have a history with fire and burning things...

The finished candles have ribbon and various brads in them

Enjoy the video and come back soon for a card!

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