May 4, 2010

Baby Cards

While cleaning/organizing my scrapbooking embellishments I found a whole packpage of adorable mini clothespins. I couldn't resist using them so I made baby cards with them (and that is when the cleaning stopped lol)

The clothes line is part of Blackleaf's Doodle Baby set. Such a fun set to work with. This card is very 3d though with the beads that spell out baby and the clothespins. There is glossy accents on the heart and the socks.

And here is the little girl version. Another cute thing to do with this is instead of spelling out "baby" it could be customized with the babies name!! So cute!

These cards will be in my Etsy store shortly.

I have been busy battling a cold (yuck!) Although I really don't have it too bad yet. I can still function (thank goodness when you are caring for a 19 month old). I also have been busy doing custom Etsy orders. I have sold 7 cards in 24 hours!! I love it...makes all my hard work and all the time I put into worthwhile when you get positive feedback!

Well I need to get off here and clean around the house a little and make a meal plan for this week (yes..I know its Tuesday and I am just starting it LOL). Oh well.........see you tomorrow!

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Tanvi Kapur said...

i love love love these adorable perfect !


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