March 18, 2010

March Madness and Ladybug Fairy

Isn't she a cutie?! She is probably one of my favorite fairies Joni has released at Inktegrity. But..I feel like I say that with everyone I post (lol).

She is ladybug fairy and I cannot wait to post my card for tomorrow..I think its my favorite colors and layout and I addded something special on the card!! Sadly, fairy week is coming to an end tomorrow..but what a fun week!

I did this card to the Fridays Sketchers Challenge going on...
After we had dinner I of course had to fill out my brackets for March Madness. I do believe Brent is very jealous when he knows I could easily turn on the tv at noon and "watch the madness begin" lol...but so I wont rub it in...we will be watching Backyardigans or Yo Gabba Gabba...Im pretty sure Aiden has control of the tv when we watch anything.
Brent was a sweetheart and took Aiden to the park last night (I felt really guily I didnt go this time) But I need to take some time for myself once in awhile..and it gives them some time. I cleaned dinner up SO fast and headed to my scrap room! I was able to finish up some family bday cards, 2 confirmation cards, Blackleaf sample, AND get a Stampin Up order ready lol. wow...and they were only gone 30 min or so because it got dark.

Okay well I gotta get off here and start thinking about lunch for Mr. Aiden and I. See you tomorrow?!
p.s. my throat has been hurting since I woke up.....please tell me Im not getting sick!!


Rhonda Miller said...

What a cute card.

Julie E said...

Great idea to use flocking!!! Your PP is a great choice too! She is definetly my fave, but there is always tomorrow :>)

MiamiKel said...

This is gorgeous, Ash! Love the spring feel to it!


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