March 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Hope your weekend is going well! Today is Sunday and its going to be a lazy fact both of my boys (DH and Mr. Aiden) and still sleeping. I swear Aiden is growing again. Next week he will be back to waking up at 6am I am enjoying some quiet time catching up on my blogs and posting on my own.

Yesterday was a great day/night. I had a family bridal shower to go to and I just wanted to show you the card I made for her. Her colors are ambiance rose (I had to google it..I admit it) and I made this:

In a couple posts down you can see the purple, silver, and black version I made for my sister for her friends shower this coming week. I found this stamp at the Heirloom show and they had these swarvorski crystals you could buy..I had to buy several packs because I thought it looked adorable on the flower bouquet!! Her dress is completely glittered as well.
One thing I love about my sister is that she loves when I make her handmade cards for these here is the one I made for her to give the bride to be.
The umbrella is completely glittered as well!
So now I need to get working on her wedding cards!
After the shower Brent took me to Archivers where believe it or not..I bought things for someone else and not me!! GASP!! We then went to Red Robin for my FREE birthday burger...and they gave me a sundae to share with Aiden ;)
He sure does get alot of girls flirting with him...both young and older
And here is one last card I have to show...we also have two confirmations next Sunday and both are boys. I found this 2 pack of Jolees stickers of crosses with "bling" and I decided to create both boys cards with those. Inside has a pocket for some $$$. What teenager doesnt like to see a card with cash?! lol

So I have been busy making these cards and I also have my cousins bday coming up so I will have to upload those pics and show you all soon!
Okay well I think I am going to go run to my craft room...although I swear Aiden knows when I enter that room and wakes up lol. Hope you have a wonderful, lazy Sunday!
p.s. I chose Kansas to win it brackets are NOT looking so hot

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