March 30, 2010

Baby Blues

I haven't shared a scrapbook page in a long time because..well I really havent scrapped alot lately.
Alot of my time has been focused on my current design teams, my business, and well enjoying my family and our time together.
I am so embarrassed to admit...I still do not have Christmas scrapbook..or anything after that!! I remember when I was pregant with Aiden and everyone said I would get behind and I laughed at them and would have bet money they were wrong......well.....they were right
Of course it could be worse. I could be years behind or even worse..not had started at all LOL. I really dont want to have a second child and quit Aidens book...I also heard that as well. Its funny because in my baby book I still have alot of pics and my baby book is complete but I can tell when my sister came along are missing..not as many pics..or pics with my sister in them all. LOL is my goal to catch up by the time April is over! Scrapbooking is fun and shouldnt be made into a chore so I will have fun doing it and you know what..if April comes and Im still not caught up..then it will be when May is over.
I also placed my Copic order...on my facebook page I was giving an extra 10% off my already LOW prices...alot of people got some great deals! Now of course I can always order anytime but the extra 10% is expired for right now. Join my facebook fan page to see what the next discount is...or giveaway!!

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