February 1, 2010

Valentines Day Cards Galore

Happy February!!

Wow..another month is over already?! People always told me the time would fly once I had Aiden but boy...they werent lying!! However...I am already ready for Spring weather so I wont complain!

Since I no longer have to worry about working on Mondays anymore..I now have some time to craft (yay!) well...that is if Aiden cooperates and takes a nap for mommy and daddy so we can get some work down. For those of you just now visiting my blog because of my videos over at youtube (welcome!) My hubby gets every Sat, Sun, AND Monday off!!! Of course he works longer hours when he does work but its so nice to have him off on mondays!!

I have been trying to make all the Valentines Day cards that I can. Why? Because I have been on a roll lately in my Etsy shop and alot of the sales are for Valentines Day and I think people will quit buying them after the 5th. So it is my mission to try to color all my cute stamped images.

Here are several of them (I have more but I dont want to overwhelm you right now)

I know I have already showed a version of this card, but this is my TOP seller right now and I added some heart raindrops!!

This is another inkadinkado $1.00 stamp that I have colored and put in Etsy. I have so much fun making Valentines Day stamps but now I think I am ready to work on Easter and Mothers Day.

I will also try to do the post about digis so I might post more tonight or tomorrow morning. Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!

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