February 2, 2010

Beautiful Story

Being a mom is hard.

No one really tells you the ups and downs of being a mommy...especially if you are a SAHM. Aiden really tests my patients sometimes..who am I kidding...now adays its most of the time lol

Tonight I read a beautiful birth story and it made me stop, shed a few tears, and really appreciate Aiden and getting the chance to be a mom.

He is my life. He is perfect. I really need to stop and see that more instead of wishing naps would come sooner or mad because he wont sleep anymore.

Plus..I so wish I could write like her

Nellas Story

(It almost makes me want to have another sweet baby--gifts and blessings from God--) Aiden will be an awesome brother one day.

no..im not preggo ;)

Have a good night everyone!

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