August 20, 2009

Need a laugh...

I was reading on the website called TMZ.COM, which is a blog about stars and funny things and they posted this picture from the actual sears website...someone wasnt too happy they didnt get a promotion haha

HAHA too funny..its now corrected but funny while it lasted!

Alot of people have loved watching the video of Aiden..hes too cute and I need to start getting more videos of him!!

Lately, I havent had much time to make cards but I do have some free time when were watching tv or feeding Aiden so I have been making some of my own favorite one is the popular bib necklace...these have been selling anywhere from 40-170 on being a SAHM on a budget I decided to make my own...wanna see?
I actually love my alot more because I actually used a real chain and not ribbon or string that ties around your neck! Well gotta go clean the house real fast and start dinner!

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