February 4, 2009

Countdown Project

Blank and boring

I know Christmas has been gone for awhile..BUT I bought this before the season started in hopes of getting it done before next year (when Aiden is old enough to use it) and guess what....IM FINISHED!!!! The above picture is what I started with... a Karen Foster Blank white countdown calender..I used it as a Christmas advent calender since there are 25 little boxes..perfect!!

decorated and fun!!

This is my finished look. I am really happy at the way it turned out. I used Making Memories Fa La La collection and their pebble glitter expoxy stickers from that collection. It was really easy to make and I would say all in all (I had to take care of Aiden lol so I didnt do it at all at once) I would say it only took like 2 hours..and thats with inking the edges on all the little boxes. So one thing to mark off my list..tons more to do!!! Now I cannot wait to use it next year and put little treats in it. I do wish the boxes were just a little bit bigger but oh well...oh yah it only took ONE 12x12 sheet to finishe this and put paper on the sides...ONLY ONE!!! I bought 3 just in case...that rocks!!

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