December 18, 2008

2 New Cards

Hello everyone,
Sorry for the lack of updates...having a 3 month old seems to take ALL of my free time lol. But I wouldnt change it any other way.
Brent needed a sympathy card for a lady at work and I wanted her to have I made 3 and she chose the brown and pink cards..very pretty! The bird is stamped in the new versamark Dazzle...have you seen this?!? I love it!! Just like the old versamark..but with a hint of glitter (not actual glitter) is kinda pricy 9.99 but I love it and most places that sell it take some kind of coupon!
As for Aiden...he has changed so much since he was born. He is getting so LONG (going to be tall like daddy) so most of his "newborn" clothes had to be boxed up...which makes me sad in a way...some of them are SO SO cute and he only wore them a limited time. He has his 4 month apt in Jan so we will see how much he weighs and the shots...poor little guy.

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