October 7, 2008

Almost a month?!?!

Wow..where have the hours gone? Time has flown by ever since Aiden was born. I cannot believe he will be a month in a few days (on the 10th).
I have been terribly busy doing so many things. yet I feel like I havent done anything at all lol..make sense?? My days are consumed with Aiden and taking care of him. It has been rougher than I ever imagined..being a mom is the hardest job ever and I fully understand why everyone says that now. He is the best baby anyone could ask for. He sleeps through the night and wakes up around 6am and most days go right back to bed!
My only complaint is that I havent taken ALOT of pics of him or scrapbooked them!! Brent has been great though about taking "over" once he gets home from work so I can have some "free" time. Dont get me wrong..I love being with Aiden but sometimes I just want to browse the net without holding a crying baby lol.
I also got a new camera..the Nikon D90 and I am INLOVE..yes I know..I cant believe I spent that much money on a camera (bought a better lense, bag, extra battery, sd card extreme) but the quality is WONDERFUL!! I will take pics and upload them as soon as I h ave a chance!!

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Jennifer Meyer said...

Congratulations on the NEW baby, he is so sweet!

Hugs and Smiles,
Jennifer :)


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