November 26, 2007

Great New Opportunity!!!

I am so excited! When I got home today in my email inbox I was notified that I was accepted to a cool website called PayPerPost.....where I can now Get paid to blog How exciting is that?!?!

Of course I was worried at firs that this was a scam..but now I am convinced its not and I cannot wait to start blogging about products I love and trust or want to try! And ok...I wont lie.......the extra money this will bring in IS a BIG plus too, especially with Christmas right around the corner and another semester of college to pay for! I guess thats what happens when you decide to change your major junior year of college...oops :)

Don't worry...I will still post about cards and scrapbooking but I do need some extra money for the holidays and school...but if you want to check out the site and Get paid to blog then click there and get started! It really is easy..all I had to do was change a few things on my blog archive wise and wait for me to be approved and type away!! Its so cool, I dont even have to search for these posts they are already filtered for me and the ones that I can make money about and intrest me. I have control over which ones I write about and which ones I want to skip!!!

Well I gotta go check out more things for me to blog about!! Everyone have a great night.

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