November 27, 2007

The floors in my garage....

Right now I am in the mood to "refreshen" my house and yes...that includes the garage too! Brent has killed me over this one, one time I had him spray paint my scrapbooking racks that were once black...with only 2 sheets of newspaper down HAHA..guess what the floors look like now.......yah not pretty!!

SO..I think I found a solution to my "mistake", but the scrapbooking racks look SO MUCH BETTER BLACK ;) Is this website........ Garage Flooring Car Guy Garage is a cool website that offers these interlocking tiles (Ashley and Brent friendly lol) to help cover up bare concrete or like our garage..stained concrete lol....I had no clue I could choose from so many colors and designs...very cool!! Although, I think Brent and I would argue on what colors lol.....any guesses to what he would want!?!

Indianapolis Colts and white of course lol......

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