October 17, 2007

I can finally upload pictures again. YAY. I have been making cards everynight for the past week, its been great. I normally do not have much time but I have been working in the mornings and I am all caught up so far with my assignments for school. Which I am happy about. I have been making two of each of the cards, one for me to give away or be inspired at and one of course for my Etsy Store

Today is my day off and how come they go by SOOO fast?? Its not fair! I still have alot to do now, like go to the bank, walmart, and oh yah...stop by michaeks and see if they have any new 1.00 stamps lol, am I the only one who does that???

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The Talker said...

Congratulations on that big step. Drive my wife nuts with my saving all cards. She just rolls her eyes and sighs. Seems like the last words are part of a poem or song. Nice efforts with the uploading.

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